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Technology Platforms

At Pearson, we offer many market-leading technologies that impact student achievement and drive efficiencies in schools and districts across North America. But these systems aren’t solutions without world-class services and support. Through our consultants, trainers, and support staff, and the proven methodologies they follow, we are able to partner with our clients and meet or exceed their needs and expectation.

What's your Challenge?

Technology has rapidly changed the world, redefining how we work, communicate, teach, and learn. But new platforms and devices also raise questions about how to affordably integrate different systems, sift through data to find actionable information, monitor real-time student progress to inform instruction, and embrace blended and virtual learning opportunities.

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Customer Story: Engaging Parents in New Jersey

Thousands of families in South Brunswick Township School District, New Jersey, now engage more closely with their children’s education using a web-based student information system. The system allows parents easy access to grades, attendance, and class schedules. Engaged parents have a huge impact on their children’s learning.