Always Learning

The nation’s schools are ramping up rigor, focusing on teacher effectiveness, and rolling out new assessments. It’s all part of the state-led Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative for literacy and mathematics. Most states have signed on in an effort to better equip students for a global economy buzzing with information, technology, and world-class competition. Pearson is working with schools and districts to implement the new standards through a systematic approach to assessment, instruction, professional development, and digital platforms.

Common Core changes everything.

The Common Core changes what schools teach, how they teach, how teachers are evaluated, and what kinds of training educators need. It also poses new demands on a school’s technology infrastructure. What do school administrators and teachers need to know? Where can they find ongoing support? Start here!

What does a Common Core math program look like?

enVisionMATH Common Core is written and organized by key CCSS authors, including Dr. Francis “Skip” Fennel and Dr. Janie Schielack. The program focuses where the standards focus, builds coherence across grades and topics, and intensifies rigor for conceptual development, problem solving, and applications.

Zoom in on Common Core reading and writing

Fasten your seatbelt! Get ready to go. Reading Street Common Core is written by leading authors, including members of the CCSS English Language Arts work team. The program builds content-rich knowledge through a balance of informational and literary texts. The focus is on complexity, text evidence, and writing from sources.

PD for CCSS: It takes great teachers to make it work

The best standards won’t transform education. We all know it takes quality teachers and school leaders. Pearson supports educators in CCSS planning, instruction, capacity building, job-embedded training, and long-range professional development. It’s an ongoing partnership that begins with your needs and your preferences.

How assessment impacts everything. (And that’s a good thing.)

Building an assessment system is critical to meeting the CCSS. Summative and formative assessments, combined with new performance tasks, provide teachers and district leaders with actionable data for instruction and intervention. Pearson’s full assessment services help you operationalize the standards in your school.


Meet Freddy Hiebert

Dr. Freddy Hiebert is a well-known literacy expert who has worked in the field of early reading acquisition for 40 years. She is the President and CEO of TextProject, Inc., a teacher educator, researcher, and Pearson author. Inspire reading in your classroom when you take Freddy’s "7-Minute Challenge."

"The Common Core draws our attention to learning, to acquiring information."

Customer Story: digits Powers Math

Wilbur Wright Middle School is located in Munster, Indiana, less than 30 miles from Chicago. The school recently adapted digits, the revolutionary digital Common Core math curriculum from Pearson. Maureen Stafford, the district’s Director of Instructional Programs, proclaims it a success. She remarks, "digits is interactive and visual so students of all learning styles are able to focus on lessons and concepts." The auto-grading and data management save educators hours of time, enabling teachers to focus more readily on CCSS math practices and achievement.

"digits has given us the framework to personalize instruction in the classroom on a daily basis."

Lynn Simmers
Assistant Superintendent
DeKalb County
Central Unified School District
Waterloo, Indiana