Always Learning

K12 Customer Stories

Schools, districts, and states across the country have turned to Pearson as a trusted partner in their efforts to improve education for all stakeholders, from students and educators to families and administrators. We help our partners at the state and local levels to enhance student learning by improving educator effectiveness, navigate the technological challenge of transitioning to digital learning models, prepare students to compete and succeed in the 21st century landscape, and meet the growing needs and requirements of the Common Core State Standards.

Take a few minutes to view some of their stories, and see firsthand how we can help you meet your educational challenges.

Huntsville, AL puts 1:1 Learning into Action

Hunstville City Schools was at a crossroads—their curriculum needed a major revision, and a decision had to be made between new textbooks and a digital solution. Pearson stepped in with the 1:1 learning framework and a digital curriculum solution. Tailored for the specific needs of the district, the 1:1 framework provided the tools to implement digital curriculum and helped put Huntsville students on the path to higher achievement through 21st century learning.

Innovation in Gwinnett County Public Schools

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Atlanta wanted to create a global education community by tapping into the ways its students learn and communicate outside of school. Pearson helped administrators infuse technology in everyday applications—including use of performance-based tasks and automated scoring—to make the vision of Next Generation learning and assessment a reality.

Kentucky Department of Education Implement Educator Effectiveness

When the Kentucky Department of Education sought to implement an educator effectiveness initiative, they turned to Pearson and Schoolnet for help with the tools and framework to measure effective teaching and leadership at the local level. We responded with accessible resources, expert ground and technical support, and responsiveness in guiding the Kentucky team toward their goal of improving professional learning in the state.

Common Core Strategies Niagara Falls High School

Administrators at Niagara Falls High School realized their students weren’t graduating prepared to enter the world of work. They realized that added rigor of the Common Core State Standards was the answer to improving their learning outcomes, but needed guidance to put it in motion. Pearson helped the school’s leadership strategize implementation of the standards—from changing instruction through helping students develop vital critical thinking skills—and delivered a roadmap to the heart of the Common Core.