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What is College and Career Readiness?

College and career readiness means being able to think critically and independently. It means having the knowledge, skills, and strategies to keep learning—always and everywhere. College and career readiness has to do with non-cognitive factors, such as motivation, grit, persistence, and confidence. To help their students, educators bring together 21st century skills, including media literacy, communication skills, and collaboration.

Ultimately, schools nationwide are striving to prepare learners to enroll and succeed—without remediation—in a credit-bearing course at a post secondary institution or to enter a career pathway with potential for future advancement.

A Virtual High School Degree Prepares One Student for College and Career

In this video from the Breakthrough Results series, Tori Hornick overcomes health issues to graduate high school early and pursue college. When Tori was just two years old she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. With the help of Connections Academy, a non-traditional option for high school, she is on her way to fulfilling her dream of attending college.

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The Four P's of an Effective Writing Tool